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welcome to the cbs-cs gift shop

In the ease of comfort of your home, you can now purchase items online from the CBS-CS gift shop for pickup at the synagogue or local delivery in Syracuse and the surrounding suburbs.

But if you prefer to shop in person, you can shop during CBS-CS office hours. Please call ahead at (315) 446-9570 to make sure the office is open.

Why should you buy from the CBS-CS Gift Shop?


When you purchase from our gift shop, you are helping support youth programs, Sisterhood activities, synagogue events and charitable donations.


Dress up your home with a mezuzah

Put a mezuzah on your door frame to connect to your Jewish faith and traditions and invite blessings and positive energy into your living space. 


Bring in the light with Shabbat candle holders

Lighting Shabbat candles is a significant Jewish ritual that marks the beginning of the Sabbath, bringing light, warmth, and a sense of peace into the home


Look good wearing a one of kind kippah

Whether you prefer a colorful design or a more minimalist look, there's a kippah out there that perfectly reflects your individuality and your style.

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