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This wooden Challah board is made of locally grown and harvested maple, cherry, and walnut.


It was built by a Jewish craftsman who is a family member of a congregant.


The finish is completely non-toxic and food-safe, and is made of a mixture of local beeswax and mineral oil.


The board is custom-made to fit the knife with which it is being sold.


SKU 498


SKU: 498
    • For optimal appearance, wipe the board off after use with a cloth or paper towel, and avoid using water.
    • NOT dishwasher safe.
    • Don’t use soap.
    • Don’t let water get into the knife slot.
    • Don’t let it soak in water.
    • If it starts to look faded or dull, the finish can be freshened with a light application of mineral oil [available at any pharmacy].
    • Wipe on, allow to penetrate, wipe off.
  • Wash gently by hand, and wipe dry immediately for best appearance and longevity. Not dishwasher safe.

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