Olive branch mezuzah by artist Emily Rosenfeld. Ths strongly graphic pewter mezuzah features an olive branch, the symbol of peace and renewed hope, and the Hebrew words "Shalom" meaning "peace.




Emily Rosenfeld’s Judaica and jewelry designs are simple, timeless and yet whimsical. 

A few years after graduating college she decided to start her own business in Oakland California.  This  allowed her to develop new art pieces many derived from nature.  This freedom to develop and follow her own ideas allowed her to explore designs in a variety of different mediums.  Her goals were to make meaningful pieces using symbols or language.  In her second year in business she started receiving requests for Judaica.  These became very popular and decided that she could use her artistic skills to design Mezuzot using pewter.  Several of her unique pewter mezuzot are available in our shop.  She continues to develop new ideas and designs for both jewelry and Judaica.


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