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The value of membership in CBS-CS is the value of belonging to a Jewish community that provides its members with the level of engagement and support that each individual wants and needs. For many members, it is about friendship and activities with friends. For others it is about access to religious services and a rabbi. Still others value the Religious School programs and a place for their children to have enriched Jewish experiences with children their own age. Whatever your need, we strive to find a place for you.


Here is what we say about ourselves: CBS-CS is an egalitarian Conservative congregation affiliated with United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism. CBS-CS is dedicated to the active participation of its members in all areas of synagogue life. As an inclusive congregational family, we strive to promote Jewish values encouraging the religious, educational, and social growth of our members.


Here is how we hope others will see us now and in the future: CBS-CS is a diverse and dynamic Conservative Jewish congregation. Our warm, engaging, knowledgeable rabbi and energetic staff work with a large number of volunteers to develop innovative program — religious, spiritual, educational, pastoral and social — that appeal to the varied interests of our membership. Our understanding of the imperative to cultivate the future of the Jewish People underlies our commitment to youth. We foster formal and informal intergenerational connections.


Under the leadership of Rabbi Pepperstone, we are evolving towards a greater focus on people and relationships. A Men’s Club program, for instance, may have a speaker, but the point of the program is to get members to interact with one another and to create a sense of community, friendship and mutual appreciation – in a word, relationships.


CBS-CS is a diverse and dynamic Conservative Jewish congregation. Our warm, engaging, knowledgeable rabbi and energetic staff work with a large number of volunteers to develop innovative programs—religious, spiritual, educational, pastoral, and social, that appeal to the varied interests of our membership. To help new members understand our traditions and take advantage of the wonderful opportunities for involvement, here is some basic information that might be helpful. Feel free to contact us with any other questions.



How can I contact key people?

Manager of Congregational Services: Daryl Weiss:             315-446-9570

Rabbi Andrew Pepperstone:                                                315-446-5125

Program Director: Melissa Harkavy:                                     315-701-2685


When are Shabbat services?

Fridays at 6:00 p.m.

Saturdays at 9:30 a.m.

In addition, services geared to young children and their families are held regularly and listed in the calendar, The Sholom newsletter, the website ( and the Rabbi’s weekly email. Babysitting is available when there is no youth service.


What is Sunday Minyan/Jewry Duty? Each member of CBS-CS is asked to attend services on approximately four Sunday mornings a year at 9:00 a.m. This ensures that we have a minyan—a quorum of ten Jewish people, so that members who need to recite the Mourner’s Kaddish are able to do so. Notices are sent out prior to the date of expected attendance and listed in The Sholom.


What is Asefat Shabbat? Asefat is a Hebrew word meaning gathering. Asefat Shabbat is a light snack starting at 5:45 p.m. before Friday night services. Members set up and put away food on a rotating schedule, approximately once every two years. Notices are sent out prior to the assigned date and listed in The Sholom.


Is there Adult Education? Many different adult education classes are held throughout the year. Some are months-long; some are only one or two sessions.


And Religious School? Classes for the Religious School—Pre-Kindergarten through seventh grade, are on Sunday 9:00 a.m.-noon. Students in third-seventh grades attend on Wednesday from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. as well. 

What are some Social Groups? One of the highlights of CBS-CS membership is the opportunity to participate in a variety of social groups. Examples are The Women’s Connection, Men’s Club, Hazak (for members over 55), and Kadima (fifth-eighth grades) or USY (ninth-twelfth grades). 


How can I make donations or send tributes? If you wish to make a donation in honor of or in memory of someone or to wish someone a speedy recovery, you can arrange for a tribute to be sent. The minimum tribute is $5.00 which automatically goes towards our general fund. Tributes over $18.00 can be directed towards a specific CBS-CS fund. To arrange for a tribute, please contact Marsha Glatter at 682-5977 or Nancy Barnett at 487-1215 or complete the form at Recipients of tributes receive handwritten notecards and the tributes are also listed in The Sholom.


What is done about Yahrzeit notices? If you have provided CBS-CS with Yahrzeit information—the date on which a loved one died—you will receive a reminder two weeks before the Hebrew calendar dates. Your loved one’s name will be read at both Friday night and Saturday Shabbat services. 


How can I use email to communicate with members? There are two list servs to distribute emails to our members. One is an interactive discussion list serv on which members can share posts, items of interest, etc: CBSCS-DISCUSS@USCJ.NET. You can choose to participate in this list serv by contacting Daryl Weiss at


The other list serv: CBSCS-ANNOUNCE@USCJ.NET, is for official synagogue business, such as the Rabbi’s weekly Shabbat posting, reminders of upcoming events, shiva alerts, minyanim, etc. When you joined, you were automatically added to this list. It is one of the main communication tools with the congregation and posting is restricted to staff.



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